Proper DJ Equipment to Use

DJ HeadphonesYou love mixed music and you have always loved the idea of spinning your own music. You are serious about buying your own DJ equipment so that you can start experimenting with making your own beats and songs.

Whether you plan on spinning music as a hobby, or your goal is to eventually become a professional DJ, you are going to want to be well-informed before you purchase your own DJ equipment. The equipment is expensive, and purchasing the wrong equipment could not only lead to making poor quality music, but it could end up being a really poor investment.

So, what kind of equipment do you need? Here’s a look at the right tools and equipment to use for spinning your music.


Obviously, in order to DJ, you are going to need to have music. Music is the foundation of spinning.

It used to be that DJs used vinyl records to spin their music; however, like pretty much everything else these days, the music that DJs use has gone digital. The majority of DJs today use laptops and digital audio formats as their source of music. There are many advantages to this: You don’t have to worry about lugging around records and it’s far less likely that your music will get damaged. Plus, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Grab yourself a 64GB USB memory stick. It can store up to 16,000 songs, which is a pretty awesome foundation for your spinning.


You’re going to want to have a pair of headphones, too; and a good pair, at that. Headphones are mainly used for cueing your music and allowing you to listen to the audition tracks without having to play them through the main speakers – which means that your crowd won’t need to hear it.

What headphones are the best? Any
type that will do the job for you; however, it really does depend on how much you are willing to spend. Important things to focus on include isolation, comfort, cable length and durability.


You are also going to need a laptop to mix your music. A laptop is like the motherboard for your spinning. Fortunately, the laptop that you will need for your DJing isn’t as demanding as the laptops that are used for other activities, like gaming and video editing.

The minimum specs for your laptop are 2GB of RAM, 25GB of hard drive space, a processor with at least a Core 2 duo, and some USB connections. In fact, the laptop that you currently have will probably work well when you’re just getting started out. You can always get a better machine later one.


You will need to have a mixer in order to mix the music on your laptop. Look for a mixer that connects to your computer via a USB cable and one that has a built-in soundcard and audio interface. This will allow you to hear what is being played on the main speakers, as well as on your headphones.