5 Tips to Become a Club DJ

You love music. You love the idea of getting people up on their feet, feeling the groove and dancing. You have always dreamed of being a professional DJ!

The idea of being in the DJ booth at a club is your ultimate goal. You can’t even explain how excited you are to get in that booth so that you can let people experience the music that you love to create. But, how do you go about landing your first DJing gig?

While you may have some awesome spinning skills, there is a lot more involved in becoming a club DJ than just knowing how to mix one song into another to create a totally fresh and awesome sound.

Here are five tips that will help you land your first DJing gig and get your career as a club DJ started on the right track.

  1. Know why you want to become a DJ!

The first, and most important step, in becoming a club DJ is knowing why you want to become a club DJ. There are tons of reasons that you may want to DJ in a club. Sure, money and success are some great aspirations; however, they shouldn’t be your only reason for wanting to have a career as a DJ. In order to be a successful DJ, you really have to love what you do, and wanting to become rich and famous probably aren’t going to be enough of an aspiration to make you succeed. Your love and passion for DJing has to be deep enough to push you through even the most difficult times. You should want to become a DJ because you love music, you love making new music, and you love sharing the new music that you make with other people.

  1. Get some experience!

Just like any other profession, you have to have experience in order to land a job as a DJ. You can love music, but if you don’t know the first thing about mixing it, then you aren’t going to have any success in this field. Get some equipment and practice in your home. Make some samples. Get a real feel for spinning and find your own, personal sound.

  1. Learn the Skills

It takes some awesome skills in order to become a successful DJ. Learn those skills. Do some research. Play around. Investigate by combining the skills that other DJs use with the skills that you create on your own.

  1. Market Yourself

You really have to market yourself in order to become a successful DJ. Get business cards. Make samples. Get your cards and samples out there. Promote yourself on social media. Create a blog. The more you market yourself, the better your chances of landing a gig as a DJ.

  1. Make Connections

You have to make connections in order to land a DJing gig. Get out there and make friends with the people in the industry; club owners, bartenders, managers, etc. The more people you know, the better your odds of getting a gig.